lundi 18 mai 2009

Disgorge - Forensick (2001)

1.Jism Adipose Carbonization
2.Spasmobliterance Filtrates Scabs
4.Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds
5.Jaundice of Hookworm6.Haemorph Endartemectomized Punzed Eozinophille
7.Purpuric Cytoskeletal Glucid Oxidase
8.Crevice Flux Warts
9.Depths Carmesí
10.Silks Sphinter Anal Lume

Total playing time

This is the extreme brutal and fast and the most gory album in the Mexican metal scene and in the south American metal scene too , what we can say about this album ? the level of brutality is no limited fast and good blast beat the brutality dominate all this album in playing guitar in drumming in the inhuman guttural vocal ,disgorge make brutal death metal with gore grind influences (Brutal Death Metal /Grind) we can see this in the cd cover of Forensick if you like bloody , horrific and gory things here that shocks you can and you must listen Forensick , for some it is the most disgusting album cover they have ever seen and I consultancy to listen the third song scid because is my my favorite song on this album but when I listen forensick I think that the recording is Bad , horrible strong and explosive sound of guitar and drumming the vocal sound is very low compared with the battery and the guitar I did not like this , in addition to this the deep guttural vocals that no one can understand or decipher start tearing through the speakers. the sound of guitar and drums is stronger and more powerful than the sound of voice because the bad adjustment of the amplifier or loudspeakers
Disgorge have great and big place in the the Mexican brutal scene stay gore and brutal and listen Forensick

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