samedi 23 mai 2009

Krypt - Preludes To Death (2008)

01- Worthless 05:38
02- Krypt 07:28
03- I Am God 04:19
04- Misfits 05:52
05- Preludes To Death 01:24
06- Death 06:41
07- Jeg Hater Deg 06:53
08- Death Satan Black Metal 04:40
09- Hells Grim Tyrant 07:35

Krypt was started in 2006 their black metal is a little medium quality I compare krypt with Tsjuder and their music remember me a little bit the bad recent albums of darkthrone
Nag ex Tsjuder is not going too hard and too far from the same side of the title of the album or lyrics here because if we compare Krypt with Tsjuder nag that there is not bring all the efficiency as it was in Tsjuder

Krypt have an inspiration of keeping the flame of pure old school Black Metal alive because I see and I and I've noticed that many great black metal bands they change their kind of black metal and their style for exemple Darkthrone before it was true black metal and good old school black metal because Darkthrone is from the first wave of black metal now is not the same Darkthrone now they have completely changed they do black heavy metal much fans of Darkthrone and fans of black metal don’t like this .why all this changing
in any case Nag was playing in Tsjuder, Isvind, Gehenna

Krypt take influence from the old bands, Bathory, Celtic Frost, and work to create their own sound with the old influences this is clear if you listen Krypt you will notice that there old school sound and classic black metal sound with slow guitar riffs many heavy riff guitar the the drum is valid but not very performed Nag use a ghostly evil old school black metal vocals the recording not have problem good quality of sound
but it still not very performed album and limited in the musical side