lundi 18 mai 2009

Domination Through Impurity - Essence of Brutality (2005)

1. Essence Of Brutality 04:20
2. Pinned To A Guardrail 02:52
3. In Rat We Trust 01:51
4. Self Destructive Malevolence 03:38
5. Terminal Gluttony 02:41
6. Bit by a Rat 01:21
7. Cleanse The Flesh 03:41 8. Wahnsinn 05:54

Total playing time 26:08

Domination through impurity is an underground Brutal Death Metal from the east coast of USA formed in 2004 Domination through impurity contain one member from Nile and Lust of Decay Joe Payne (playing guitar and bass) and Jordan Varela Drums from Lust of Decay Lividity ………………..
In Domination through impurity discography there are one full-length, was released during the spring 2005 his name is Essence Of Brutality my opinion about the art work of the CD cover is not have very attractive brutality but is not the necessary the necessary is The contents of the CD of course because the the content of the CD is one nice brutal death metal with mixture of technicality and many groove parts the the content of the CD it’s a pleasure to listen and it’s unbelievable almost the same work as Sleep terror , Necrophagist ,Obscura , Flying corpse ,
The vocals are long growls and sometimes guttural perfect and good for brutal death metal. The vocalist, Joe Payne also play guitar very well with technical fast brutal riffs the drums is not bad I have liked when I've listened ,fabulous competence in drumming and the drum kit is awesome supreme excellent blast-beating who make the drummer Jordan Varela .
The sound and the recording nothing to say about this only that it's good
Essence of Brutality is real Essence of Brutality because in this CD there are a lot of death metal and brutality of the technique particularly a pleasure for fans of brutal death metal
Fans of death metal must discover this unknown band .