dimanche 17 mai 2009

Slaughterbox - The Ubiquity Of Subjugation (2007)


1. Manifest Destiny Of The New World Order (Symphonic Dissonance)
2. Pfiesteria
3. Shit Birthed

So strange Brutal Melodic Technical Death Metal. what this fucking funny mixage brutal death with melodic side for me it’s not valid it’s look like to metalcore , Deathcore or what ???? !!!!!!! Brutal side is good work but the melodic influences in this demo I throw that is not necessary to add melody to the brutal death metal
and I see very bad and funny art work design of the C D cover the demo contain 3 song the first song debut is good brutal death and in the last part much melodic riffs but the vocals is sometimes acute voice as the singers of many melodic and metalcore bands or progressive death metal bands the vocalist sing with brutal voice with guttural un growl voices this is what I prefer and in any case this is medium demo the work who make slaughterbox because there are much typical theme for me is not clear it’s look like to metalcore and the metalcore or deathcore invaded the brutal death metal scene and there is much commercial I think in any case The Ubiquity Of Subjugation is just demo of Slaughterbox I think Slaughterbox can release better albums than this demo and can do better if they stop to mix melody and metalcore with death metal