mercredi 20 mai 2009

Triumphator - Wings of Antichrist (1999)

1/ Infernal divinity
2/ Conquered light
3/ Heralds of pestilence
4/ Burn the heart of the earth
5/ Crushed revelation
6/ Redeemer of chaos
7/ The triumph of Satan
8/ Goathotned abomination

Triumphator was formed in 1995,this band is composed of Marduk's drummer, Fredrik Andersson and Arioch (Daniel Rosten) - Guitar, vocals from Funeral Mist
but it wasn't until 1999 that the Swedish black metal combo finally recorded its first full-length CD, after recording one demo and one EP (The Ultimate Sacifice )
Wings of Antichrist is their first full-length CD , after you've heard this CD, you've pretty much heard it all. The band usually favors one tempo ultra-fast and extremely brutal ,all their lyrics about satan , Satanism ,occult and antichristianity coming out of vocalist/guitarist Arioch's mouth with a hateful ,screaming, demonic ,and brutal horrific vocals and in the drum the experimental drummer Fredrik Andersson , Wings of Antichrist is a CD that some people in the black metal underground will enjoy yes will enjoy
personally I appreciate this bomb of black metal because recently there are many bands of black metal that are more underground and are very different than before for example Marduk ,Dark Funeral ,Darkthrone ,……………….
Wings of Antichrist remember me has exellent black metal albums for example Panzer Division Marduk , the legendary Mysteriis Dom Sathanas , Endtime Devine and I advise to listen at first Burn the heart of the earth and Infernal divinity two great tracks
Triumphator's goal was to provide a brutal, ferocious, pounding sensory assault, and the Swedes succeeded and this is what I like in this music no mercy no limit brutality open hellish gate is open Triumphator is a more than perfect formation with powerful line up