mardi 19 mai 2009

Obscura (Ger) - Cosmogenesis (2009)

1.Anticosmic Overload 04:16
2.Choir of Spirits 05:31
3.Universe Momentum 04:33
4.Incarnated 04:53
5.Orbital Elements 05:21
6.Desolate Spheres 04:01
7.Infinite Rotation 04:48
8.Noosphere 05:04
9.Cosmogenesis 04:15
10. Centric Flow 07:25

Total playing time 50:13

German death metal band with an extreme technicality, brutal as hell, and a good dose of melody but I will criticize a little the side of melody We can compare Obscura with Necrophagist
Valid art work with Lyrical theme of this album and Obscura is a pleasant surprise in early 2009 which starts definitely very good for fans of death metal . With Cosmogenesis, fans will be filled, nostalgic for the great period of technical death 90 years, with the occasional use of a vocoder on the voice of Kummerer - everyone or almost go away happy. Only allergic of melody and all who likes brutality only but this album have side of melody in obscura line – up there are two member of Necrophagist Christian Muenzner – Guitar and Hannes Grossmann – Drums because this i was say that we can compared with Necrophagist

Think that the melodic side is not so necessary because the death metal must to be brutal and technical with fast solos or fast paced but fortunately the melodic side of Obscura don't contain keybord no keyboard because if obscura make the same work of many death melodic bands obscura become too rotten media full and total joy and good mood with many butterfly and this is not the true side of death metal , there are also a little bit progressive guitar riffs much death metal fans hate progressive guitar riffs for exemple Sound of Perseverance of Death much fans of this band did not like all this change because is amazing compared with the old Death albums the result Obscura is more progressive than Necrophagist , personally i think that Necrophagist is better than Obscura
the recording of Cosmogenesis certainly it was recording in a professional studio but the sound quality is very good , I think obscura can be very successful after the recording of Cosmogenesis