dimanche 17 mai 2009

Ancient Necropsy - Apocalyptic Empire (2007)

1.Intro: The Chosen One
2. Enemies Incineration
3. Ghost Of Death Valley
4. Malignant Matters Collapse
6. Ridiculous Preacher
7. Fallen Angels Executed
8. Cold Mountains Of Death
9. Injured By Extrasensorial Communication
10. Undethronement Of Inner Power
11. Old Man Decrepit Frozen
12. Nuclear Wind
13. The False Prophet
14. Master Of Knowledge
15. Blizzard Devastation

Length: 34:37

Ancient necropsy is an exelent Colombian one man band of Ivan Jaramillo (real name) he makes powerful Ultra Brutal Death Metal/ Grind In 2007 ancient necropsy has released the great and the unbelievable Apocalyptic Empire but how just one man can do all this apocalyptical work good blast beat excellent fast guitar riffs this one man band is a better drummer and a better guitarist than several other bands of death metal and I noticed that Apocalyptical Empire is done without playing bass guitar and I have noticed that many sick bands are playing without bass the guitar players are playing so heavily. Ivancient is exactly this kind of guitar player , Ivan’s vocals are mixture of guttural influences and growls for exemple Insidious Decrepancy, Disembowled Corpse………… And finely my critique of the CD is about the recording certainly it was recording in a home studio but in any case it was recorded in an amateur method I think that Ivan can do great project all alone at that time one man band or with another members .


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