vendredi 31 juillet 2009


1-Infernal blasphemic hails please give us a short introduction of IMMOLITH ?

We are an old school black metal band from central New Jersey in the US. Our drummer Warhead is most well known for his other band Abazagorath, who have been a part of the US Black Metal scene since 1995.

2-"IMMOLITH" why this name? Can you tell us more about the meaning ?

Like many black metal bands we draw influences from fantasy fiction like J.R.R. Tolkien and the like... Immolith comes from the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, and is described as the result of dying demon's souls coalescing before they reach the abyss into an giant undead demon known as the Immolith.

3-What are the metal bands that influenced you ?

So many, but the top of the list would be Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, and Dissection.

4-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?

Lately I am always listening to either Watain, or Dissection... But I love all underground metal, old German Thrash metal, Old Florida/Swedish Death Metal, etc.

5-How is the metal scene in New Jersey ?

Not good. Metal in the US is weak for the most part. It is better then it was in the 1990's but there is still a lot of shit in the scene..

6-What are some of your non-musical influences?

History, Occult studies, and horror and fantasy fiction.

7-What do you think about the events that took place in Norway by many bands of the first wave of true black metal ? and can you tell us about ?

I understand their motivation, to rid Scandinavia of symbols of Christian oppression, but mourn the loss of such historic buildings whether they were churches or not. Murders also belong in jail.

8-What can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

All 4 are what appear on our first debut CD Hymns to the Countess. I wrote all the music and lyrics, and hope it appeals to old school black metal fans.

9-What can you tell us about the EP Hymns to the Countess?

It is a promising start, and should give people a very good idea of what this band is about. We are satisfied with the production of the songs, and the fact that it has been so well received so far by the black metal community.

10- How do you write your music? Is there a set guideline or do you write what you feel as you go along?

Generally I will come up with some titles and lyrics first. To me this sets the mood or atmosphere that I will then try to generate while composing the guitar parts. Once I've established the basic collection of riffs for a song, I'll record them and present them to the band and we'll begin to add the drums and arrange the song structure as we feel is best.

11-What you have planned after recording of the EP Hymns to the Countess ?

We are already writing songs for our follow up full length record which I intend to call "Storm Dragon." We've got 4 songs in the works already. The title track "Storm Dragon", "A Pact of Blood, A Pact of Death", "Lord of Light", and "Serve and Descend." The goal for the full length will be 8 or 9 tracks which may potentially include a cover version of Darkthrone's "In the Shadow of the Horns."

12- Please explain the title and cover image of Hymns to the Countess ?

My concept for the EP began after I had written the lyrics to "Hymns to the Countess" which of course retells the tale of the Blood Countess, Elisabeth Bathory. I intended to include Venom's Countess Bathory, and also a Tormentor cover of their classic "Elisabeth Bathori." We could only obtain the license to include Venom's song, but in the end it still works as a tribute to Countess Bathory. Early on I contacted the model Lucifera Gorewhore and inquired about her services for the cover. I told her my vision, and she was great to work with. Within in days of our discussion she had arranged a set of photos for me to choose from for our cover.

13- How is the condition of your recording ?

We recorded the EP in my personal Carrion Crawler Studio. This is the first time I've done all the recording, production and mastering myself. While it isn't perfect, we are quite pleased with the final result. The full length will also be recorded this way, unless a label provides us with a budget to record elsewhere.

15- Any fav bands to get on stage with?

Any of the good USBM metal bands, such as Kult ov Azazel, Absu, Blood Storm, Dead Mountain, would be good shows for us. We have no real interest in playing shows outside of the Black Metal genre, it would only be on bills with other black metal bands.

16- What is the biggest change compared to your the debut ?

Our very first demo was recorded on a handheld digital MP3 recorder at the band's second rehearsal. While my studio is not up to the standards of a professional studio, I have close to 3,000 dollars invested into it between the PC, software, interface, microphones and so on. I think the sound and mix of the EP is far superior to the original demo, while still sounding very raw, and underproduced, as good black metal should.

17- What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol ?

HA! I don't drink every day, but when I do have beers, I will usually drink a 6 pack I suppose.

18- Latest news you can tell concerning IMMOLITH?

Really there is some exciting news on the horizon for us, an interview will be appearing online when Metal Maniacs magazine returns in September as a strictly web based publication. Also look for some news concerning Terrorizer magazine as well that I can't really discuss until Terrorizer publishes it.... Also the band has commissioned Luciferium War Graphics to create a "Slaughter the Legions" T-shirt that will be available from our website soon.

19- Why your drummer have not a corpse paint?

Warhead wore corpse paint early in his Abazagorath career, and has since moved past it. As a drummer and now our singer for this band as well, he is more comfortable without it. Ahazu and I on the other hand, feel wearing corpse paint is appropriate for us.

20- What is your goal and your target?

Our goal is to make the best black metal we can that we enjoy playing. If others support us we very much appreciate it, but if not we'll keep playing and recording regardless.

21- What is your opinion about this kind of black metal antihuman Black Metal ,NS Black Metal and Christian Black Metal?

I don't care for politics in Black Metal, and I have nothing but disdain for so called Christian Black Metal. That is the worst joke of all, and completely ridiculous.

22- Thanks alot for sharing your time with me ,and good look for you any final blasphemic or satanic words or comment here ?

Thank you for your support, Hail Satan!

Sataroth support the underground and the extréme metal , Black metal has glory